Springer Publishing's Anthology Science Fiction by Scientists

Science Fiction by Scientists

An Anthology:

"Sticks and Stones"

By Stephanie Osborn

Science Fiction By Scientists cover

This anthology contains fourteen intriguing stories by active research scientists and other
writers trained in science.

Science is at the heart of real science fiction, which is more than just westerns with ray guns
or fantasy with spaceships. The people who do science and love science best are scientists.
Scientists like Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Fred Hoyle wrote some of the legendary
tales of golden age science fiction.

Today there is a new generation of scientists writing science fiction informed with the expertise
of their fields, from astrophysics to computer science, biochemistry to rocket science, quantum
physics to genetics, speculating about what is possible in our universe. Here lies the sense of
wonder only science can deliver. All the stories in this volume are supplemented by afterwords
commenting on the science underlying each story.

Available in print and ebook.

ISBN: 978-3319411019

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What People Are Saying

"Taking off from their specialties...each scientist-author has crafted a fine SF tale based on cutting-edge science... Any or all of these stories would be at home here in Analog... This book would be a perfect gift for any Analog reader."
~Don Sakers, in Analog magazine, Nov./Dec. 2017

"Brotherton introduces the latest generation of science-trained sci-fi writers, among them current researchers pursuing a love of fiction on the side...Alongside tales of obscure lands [and] terrifying futures...the authors have taken the time to explain a little of the science behind the sci-fi, unveiling origins of the tales and shedding some light on their motivations...Science Fiction by Scientists is an interesting and intriguing anthology of short stories, which is sure to set the reader's mind in motion better than the average collection of sci-fi shorts."
~Jade Fell, Book Reviews, in Engineering & Technology Magazine, March 2017

"This collection of thought-provoking science fiction definitely includes the science part...I recommend this book because [of]...its varying points of view, the unusual situations, and for its playful speculations on how people and other thinking beings might operate in strange environments. These stories explore the creative, while keeping it plausible."
~Peter Spasov, on the National Space Society website

"When a collection of works comes out that is penned by those most familiar [with] the sciences behind these ideas, the authenticity, probability, and believability increases tenfold...Brotherton has compiled a fine list of fourteen works of fiction...These tales range vastly in theme and contents, but the true exclusivity of the anthology lies in the background of [the] writers...It's refreshing to find additional conversational material to ponder beyond the fictional world that the reader experiences. Science Fiction by Scientists is a fun collection of short stories that is bound to raise a few eyebrows in the science world and broaden the imagination of fans in the science fiction world."
~Ricky L. Brown on the Amazing Stories website, March 2017

"This collection of well thought-out short stories runs through subjects such as extra-terrestrials, artificial intelligence, and quantum physics. After each story, the author takes a few pages to discuss the science behind the story and points the reader to resources for learning more...There is something for everyone who enjoys a good story and finds good science interesting."
~Tom Rogneby on the Good Reads website


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16 November 2016


22 November 2017

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