Quotes About Twilight Times' Novel The Case of the Displaced Detective: The Arrival

Quotes About The Arrival

A Displaced Detective Novel
by Stephanie Osborn

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For the fan of any mystery involving Sherlock Holmes, this nonstop action
tale will delight and satisfy you and you will definitely go looking for
other great tales by talented author Stephanie Osborn. A taste of the
future and new possibilities open up for the world purely by accident as
Dr. Skye Chadwick rescues Sherlock Holmes from the hands of his arch-enemy

Thus Sherlock finds himself pulled forward into another century and a new
life. As Sherlock adjusts to this new placement with the help of Dr.
Chadwick and others, he finds he must learn new mores as well as new
information as he becomes involved in a murderous plot to either steal or
destroy a secret project.

A glimpse into our future as knowledge expands and is put to new uses. A
great tale of suspense, romance, intrigue and action with murder added to
the mix thst draws Sherlock and Skye Chadwick into danger.

Visit the lovely Colorado mountains vividly described by author Stephanie
Osborn and the chamber where Sherlock entered his new life. The attraction
between Sherlock and Skye makes him seem much more human and approachable.

The flavor of this tale is a mix of the old and the new and, like Sherlock,
will make the reader long to return to the old times as well as love to
explore the new. I'm happy to highly recommend a fun read that kept me on
the edge of my seat, a nail biting story, beginning to end.

Enjoy. I sure did.

Anne K. Edwards
author of Shadows Over Paradise and The Last to Fall.

MadScience Blog

Tommy Hancock, host of One-Two Punch on TMVCafe, gives both volumes of The Case of the
Displaced Detective his highest rating of TKO!

Ideas Like Bullets

Indie Author Yvonne Mason

I just finished "The Arrival" and immediately bought "At Speed." Thank you, this is a
lovely reinterpretation of my favorite detective.
~~Cedar Sanderson, 5 Jan 2012

So I read two really good books this week, both of Novelist Stephanie Osborn's
Displaced Detective novels. I'm eagerly awaiting #3, now...
~~Cedar Sanderson, 6 Jan 2012

Dan Hollifield, Aphelion webzine

Herika Raymer, Imagicopter

Teddy's Rat Lab reviews Displaced Detective

A Book And A Chat blog by Barry Eva

A Book And A Chat podcast hosted by Barry Eva

Nooga.com Article for A Gathering of Southern Sherlockians 2012

27 April 2012

I've been a member of the Nashville Scholars [of the Three-Pipe Problem] since 1987.
I am the Keeper of the Ritual, and the web designer for www.nashvillescholars.net.
I get Sherlockian books in the mail from lots of people eager to use our website as a
launching pad for their books. Often I am disappointed in what I read, feeling that the
author really has little understanding of what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was all about
with his Sherlock Holmes stories.

Not so with Stephanie Osborn, our own Boswell (SCAN). And I helped her launch her
double book story about Holmes in the future not just because she IS a rocket scientist,
but because she has a firm grasp of storytelling, character, dialogue, and imagination.
She also understands how to handle Holmes in plotting his actions in another time. I
found The Case of the Displaced Detective a marvelous read, and will relish further
Sherlockian stories from this talented writer.


Jim Hawkins
Member of Nashville Scholars, a Sherlock Holmes society.
Employed by Southwest Airlines since 2001.
A Nashville, TN resident since 1985.

Front-Row Lit features The Case of the Displaced Detective: The Arrival!

The International Thriller Writers have featured The Case of the Displaced Detective: The Arrival
and At Speed in their monthly online newsletter, The Big Thrill, along with a featured interview!

Shiny Book Reviewgives The Arrival and At Speed A's!

WUTC Public Radio interviews Stephanie about her Displaced Detective series!

WUTC Public Radio companion audio

Indies Unlimited features The Displaced Detective!

"[The] books are wonderful. They go a step beyond what we think of as Holmes
and take him into the modern day, seamlessly transitioning from Victorian to modern."
~~Dellani Oakes,
author of The Ninja Tattoo and book reviewer at Writer Sanctuary and Dellani's Choice

New Chattanoogan Article

Dellani's Choice reviews The Case of the Displaced Detective: The Arrival and gives it Five Golden Acorns!

COOL NEWS: Now here's a recommendation you don't get every day.

On 12-14 Oct 2012 I was the Mistress of Ceremonies for Huntsville's Con*Stellation
SF convention. After the opening ceremonies, famed SF writer Eric Flint came up to me...and
informed me that his wife, Lucille, positively loved my books! She has read all three of the
Displaced Detective novels currently out, and is eagerly awaiting book 4 next month! THEN he
followed me to the dealer's room and bought a copy of Burnout and a copy of Extraction Point -
insisting I autograph both! And as if that weren't enough, it turns out that Lucille (Lu as Mr. Flint
calls her) was gifted the Displaced Detective books by Walt Boyes, who is, to quote Eric, "one of
the inner circle (so to speak) of the [NYT-best-selling] 1632 series authors," and who
"recommended them highly"!

My mind is blown. I have been flying high ever since. It doesn't get much better than that!

UPDATE: It got better! As if Eric and Lucille Flint and Walt Boyes weren't enough, Rick Boatright
informed me of this last night: "You have a huge chunk of the 1632 core writers group who are
fans. Eric and Lu, Walt, Paula, me, Laura, and I know you're buds with Chuck Gannon."
I am more honored than I can say.

H.C. Playa gives The Arrival an excellent review

Falling Down the Creative Well talks about Displaced Detective

Bibliotica "smitten," calls the "rich and well developed" Displaced Detective "literary crack"!

“Not your typical Holmes story,” says Vic's Media Room of The Arrival!

Mary's Cup of Tea says, “The books grabbed me…I was hooked!”

Book Plug Friday features The Arrival and At Speed!

“The author’s solution…is sheer genius...If you like Mary Russell, give Skye Chadwick a try,” says Reading Reality!

"So loving it...You are a gifted writer, my friend. I have missed Holmes since the
BBC production...I'm feeling 'home' again with him, which means you've nailed it.
Looking forward to seeing how he changes and adapts in this new world."
~~Aaron Paul Lazar, author of Don't Let The Wind Catch You

"... Stephanie Osborn in her Displaced Detective series has found a science fiction
– not fantasy – way to bring Sherlock Holmes into our world...this is a Holmes who
has to adjust to being rudely extracted, plunged into the 21st Century with no way
to return...here is the real Homes, at the height of his powers, in 21st Century America,
much as I would imagine he would be...But he’s still Holmes, and I found
the series well worth reading. Recommended."
~~Jerry Pournelle, science fiction master/best-selling author

More to come...


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